Federal Legislation

Sam Wilder
VP National Legislation, Texas Council of Chapters

Introducing MOAA "Engage"

At the TCC meeting in April, the Council voted unanimously for a proposal to "improve MOAA's One Powerful Voice" by having MOAA National provide feedback to our chapters on how well we respond to calls to contact our congressmen. The results could be used to provide an objective measurement and incorporated into the Levels of Excellence awards. This proposal was introduced at MOAA National during the Storming of the Hill by our Council President and further discussed via telephonic conversations with MOAA National VP for Government Relations, Dan Merry, and VP for Councils and Chapters, Terri Cole.

The first steps to implementing our proposal have been announced on the 29 September message from the MOAA Legislative Update entitled "Introducing MOAA Engage". Engage is the name of the new computer software system that is replacing the old Capwiz system that we have had. MOAA strongly suggests that all members read through it, understand it and use it. There is a wealth of information available on our legislators, issues of importance to MOAA members and other useful data. Each member will have to re-input their basic identifying date (e.g. name, address, etc.). Additionally, there is one bit of date that is new, and it is critical. For chapter members, you must not only check the block identifying you as a chapter member, but you MUST INPUT YOUR CHAPTER CODE! All chapters in Texas have a "chapter code" that begins with TX and is followed by a number. By inputting this chapter code, your chapter will be able to receive the credit for your action contacting your congressional representatives.

Here are the Texas chapter codes.

Code Chapter
TX1 Abilene
TX2 Austin
TX3 Greater Dallas
TX4 East Texas (Huntsville)
TX5 El Paso
TX6 Fort Wolters
TX7 Heart of Texas
TX9 Houston
TX11 Lone Star Officers Club
TX13 Lubbock
TX16 Alamo
TX19 Texas Panhandle
TX20 Wichita Falls
TX22 Central Texas
TX23 Northeast Texas
TX24 Texas Hill Country
TX25 Rose Capital
TX26 Texas Golden Triangle
TX30 Oil Patch
TX31 North DFW
TX33 Greater Granbury

At this point we are awaiting information on how MOAA National will use this new capability to determine which chapters are using the new system fully and how it will be incorporated into the Levels of Excellence program. Hopefully we will hear something soon.

Sam Wilder
VP National Legislation, Texas Council of Chapters